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Sonship Bible College

Training Men and Women to Fulfill Their Godly Purpose

About Sonship Bible College

History and Vision

Sonship Bible College (SBC) was founded in January 2000 and began as an extension program of Sweetwater Bible College located in Glendale, Arizona.  In March of 2003, SBC received its official recognition from the state of North Carolina as a religious education institution whose degree programs are exempt from the requirements of licensure under provisions of North Carolina General Statutes.


SBC was birthed out of the heart of founder and president, Dr. Jerry M. Williams. Dr. Williams is the senior pastor of Agape Word Fellowship in Raleigh, North Carolina. He has established churches, trained, and mentored both men and women in the ministry. His heart’s desire is to see God’s people reach their full potential in Christ.  SBC is a correspondence/distant education bible college that provides flexibility to fit study around family, work, or social commitments.


The purpose of SBC is to equip and train those interested in walking in the fullness of God’s purpose. Our aim is to assist in promoting spiritual growth through the teaching of the Word of God by aiding and guiding those interested in full or part time ministry. SBC offers a wide range of inspiring and beneficial courses to equip believers in every area of their spiritual walk with God.

Goals and Principles


From its inception, the goal of Sonship Bible College has been to make the Word of God available to as many people as possible. Therefore, SBC offers a thorough, in-depth study of the Word of God that will promote spiritual growth and the building up of the church of Jesus Christ without intimidating anyone with rigid scholastic standards.


The innovation of presenting Bible Courses, in a trimester credit hour format, is in keeping with SBC goals. The introduction of this new format within a trimester affords a study option designed to enhance the student’s program.


We believe we have a program that will meet your need, whether it is simply to know more about the Word of God in order to be a better-prepared lay minister or to obtain a degree that will prepare you for the ministry to which God has called you in a full-time capacity. There are four different programs offered at SBC, outlined more fully in the Curriculum section of this catalog. It is to your advantage to study them carefully to determine which program best suits your needs.


SBC seeks to instill in each student the importance of studying and examining the Word of God. Only by allowing the Word of God to examine our lives will we truly become the person God intends for us to be and to be prepared for the purposes of God in our lives. We are assured by the promise of God’s Word that if we can instill in the students a love for God’s Word so that they present themselves as living sacrifices in study, in prayer, and in honesty before God, they will be transformed by the Word of God and will prove what is that good, acceptable, and perfect will of God for their lives.


Sonship Bible College feels a definite call of God to provide a school conducive to the ministry of the Holy Spirit, our most important Teacher.  We recognize that only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us the mind of God.  We count it a privilege to be involved in the teaching of God's Word.


These are the principles we live by and the goals we are aiming for.  If you choose to enroll in SBC, our prayer is that we reach the high calling of God in Christ Jesus together.  God bless you as you seek to serve Christ.

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